Calculation of power conditioner

Approximate calculation of cooling power Q (in kilowatts) is made according to the standard technique:

Q = Q1 + Q2 + Q3, where Q1 - heat leakage from the window, walls, floor and ceiling.
Q1 = S * h * q / 1000, where

S is the area of ​​the room (m2);

h - room height (m);

q - coefficient equal to:

q = 30 for a shaded room;

q = 35 with medium illumination;

q = 40 for rooms in which a lot of sunlight falls.

If direct sunlight comes into the room, then there should be light curtains or blinds on the windows.

Q2 - the amount of heat gain from people.

Heat leaks from an adult:

0.1 kW - at rest;

0.13 kW - with easy movement;

0.2 kW - during exercise;

Q3 - the sum of heat gains from household appliances.

Heat leaks from household appliances:

0.3 kW - from the computer;

0.2 kW - from the TV;

For other devices, we can assume that they emit 30% of the maximum power consumption as heat (that is, it is assumed that the average power consumption is 30% of the maximum)

The power of the selected air conditioner should be in the range of -5% to + 15% of the calculated power Q.

Calculation of cooling capacity of the air conditioner - online

Room area: м²

Ceiling height: м


Number of people:

Number of computers:

Number of TVs:

Power of the remaining equipment: W

Design cooling capacity: kw

Recommended cooling power range:

Get a more detailed calculation taking into account such parameters as:

  •     increased window area
  •     top floor
  •     additional ventilation
  •     calculate the electricity consumption of the air conditioner, taking into account energy efficiency

You can using the calculation of the power conditioner for Android

The calculation of the capacity of the air conditioner, this application, is applicable for small premises in capital buildings: apartments, separate rooms of cottages, office premises with an area of ​​up to 100 square meters, and a ceiling height of not more than 5 meters.

If you decide to install an air conditioner, then for the correct selection of the power of the air conditioner, you need to calculate.

This application is what you need.

Install, enter data, get the result - the calculation of the air conditioner.

Also available for Win 10, in Microsoft store

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